12 km hike for the Gold medal pies

So yes I officially moved to Melbourne on Monday!

My lovely friends in Adelaide introduced me to their friends and/or relatives in Melbourne… Now I feel like home!

Not quite… I’m still trying to get used to using the public transport here (as I drove all the time in Adelaide).

Anyway, in less than a week, I’ve made many friends and one of them took me for a 12 km hike in Mt. Dangdenong ranges… Despite strained right foot and just-done pump class, I said yes! (What a great opportunity to exercise!?)

The track consists of 1,000 steps Kokoda memorial track and the forest tracks that pass Ferny creek and Sassafras towns. Our aims were to reach Olinda and try the award winning pies in Australia (at Pie in the sky: http://www.pieinthesky.net.au/).

I really like Olinda. It gives me the feeling of Hahndorf (a German town in South Australia). The pies were good but I think “24 hr o’connell street bakery” in adelaide is compatible (where my friends and I normally ended up after a big night out)!

After the hike, we were ready to say hello to pillows…

Today (the next day), I have to say my legs are not sore at all! Perhaps I didn’t work hard enough? (My glutes were burning at inclined paths though!)…




Note: if you wonder what a pie floater is, see my post “The Floater” https://sutasineeblog.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/60/


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