Sweet Poison

This year I planned to cut down processed sugar (it’s one of my new year resolutions). My best friend introduced me to I quit sugar website (www.iquitsugar.com). It’s a really good and informative website which shows you why sugar is bad for you. They also have 8 week program of I quit sugar. This includes no fruits either. I didn’t go to that extreme as I still like my fruits 🙂

So I started the no processed sugar (i.e. chocolates, cakes, cookies, biscuits, ice-creams etc.) lifestyle. I still eat whole carbs though. It was not hard in term of eating. However, I find going out with friends hard as people tend to feel uncomfortable eating sweets around me and sometimes it’s a bit awkward when I’m not eating and they’re eating… Anyhow, I wasn’t craving for those sweets at all (though I have to admit I miss ice cream the most especially in this 40ish degrees C). I also didn’t experience side effects such as headache etc.

Anyway, after 32 days I decided to introduce dessert for “every now and then” practice. So I had a waffle (yep, the waffle with berry compotes you saw on my previous post). Not long after that, I felt sick, nausea and I wanted to throw up. My stomach was upset. The same feeling I had when I ate a whole packet of party mix or mixed lollies. I had to lay down and drink lot of water. The next day, I still felt unwell… My stomach was still upset… It took me more than 24 hours to become normal again… 😦

Sweet poison: I don’t think I’d dare to try a full dish dessert again.


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