The Horsey 2014

I’d been waiting for you, 2014… For me, it’s the year of excitements, unknowns and adventures!

I’ve new year resolutions (that’s right! not just a resolution)… I know I know people often have a new year resolution and don’t end up achieving it. I thought about my 2013 resolutions: didn’t end up baking all the recipes I wanted to try…. Boooo but hey! At least you set yourself a goal to be better (or worse? I’m not so sure – but a goal sounds positive)… Anyway, my 2014 resolutions are:

1) Eat better

Looking back at 2013, my diet was bad. At work, we often have cakes or sweet treats for morning tea (and yes I am one of those generous colleagues who always bring treats to work). Almost everyday we would have sweets and I just stuffed my face with them. I even had my own cookies jar (for stress emergency). It got worse when I started having a tub of ice cream every Friday night.

So this year, I had gone cold turkey with processed sweets (e.g. Cakes, chocs, cookies, ice cream etc.) … I wasn’t craving for them though. But I do miss ice cream especially in this heat wave. No side effects such as headache experienced.

2) Become a vegetarian

I always felt bad seeing trucks transporting cattles and poultry to abbattoirs. I refused to look at them. But who was I to act this way when I ate meat too? I know I can’t kill animals myself and what right do I have to get other people to do it for me? (I know! money!)

Not wanting to be a hypocrite, this year I decided to become a vegetarian (not quite as I still eat seafood occasionally).

3) Master my German

I’d love to pick up my 3rd language, German again and master it. I think it’s easier than French. We shall see by the end if this year.



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